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If you don't have your own website we recommend you read THIS first
The template of html for you to download and modify for your own use is HERE
Return to the podcast start page HERE
NOTE: We derive no benefit from the software sites we offer linked here. They are reputable and we have used them for our clients and friends for decades.
Download the template file of html for you to modify for your own use. just right click HERE and 'save as' to your computer. You can edit it in 'notepad' or any text editor (don't use a word processor program)
If you want to create an audio podcast from your home or office, you can use any computer that has a microphone jack, a microphone and some simple audio recording software.
Place the microphone in proximity to the participants. Or, for remote work, we use an inexpensive 'tascam' portable recorder.
Record the podcast in mp3 format.
If you have a microphone built-in to your computer or have an external microphone and a mic jack in the computer you can use - Ocenaudio - it is a fast, safe and easy audio editor and recorder.
It is free and portable and runs on windows from XP to 10 you can get it at:
Add a unique name for your logo file or other image file to the template file as shown there.
when you've made your recording as an MP3 file with a unique name,
edit the text of the template file you created,
add the MP3 name, title, E-mail, etc..
You can click on the html file and test it on your computer.
When it works as you want it to, then transfer the image file, MP3 file and html file to your server.
You can refer back to the example I created for how it should look and work HERE
Contact us by E-mail at