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Here is an easy way to create a simple website for podcasting or blogging
We have created many dozens of websites since 1996.
NOTE: We derive no benefit from any sites we offer that are linked here. They are reputable and we have used them for our clients and friends for decades.
  • 1 - You need to register a domain name that is not in use. (the domain name of this site is The .org is the top level domain indicator (tld) - there are dozens of them available now and the price varies for each. Many are ~$20 and up per year. .com, .net, .us, etc. we use There are many other registrars. But, some are not cheap or responsible or easy to use.
    Search for an unused name you like. Then setup an account with a login user name and password and pay for an initial registration period. We recommend you pay the small additional fee for 'private registration' so your info won't be harvested, resulting in massive spam, etc. You need to renew the registration each year or more (as you choose). When the name is registered, they will allow you to direct visitors from your hosting company to that domain name to by using special primary and secondary name server designations they provide.
    Becuase of their excessive price and sneaky attempts to sell you unneeded services, we reccommend against godaddy and Network Solutions.
  • 2 - You need to setup hosting (a company that serves your web pages to visitors) Since 2002 we have used QWK.NET They have plans starting at under $50 a year and are very reliable and trustworthy. A 'shared hosting' plan will work beautifully and is easiest to use. When you have setup your hosting, use the control panel to setup your unique E-mail, indicate the name server designations and upload your files to their servers.
    Also, a great feature is that some of QWK.NET's plans allow you to create 'forum' pages that allow interaction among visitors that you control.
  • 3 - After you have a domain and hosting you need to create some webpages. QWK.NET has tools that will make this quite easy. There are many on-line tutorials that help and there are many great books that make it simpler. Or, as we do, you can create webpages using a simple text editor (like notepad) applying HTML (HyperText Markup Language) tags, saving them as .htm files, test them in your computer's browser and upload them to you hosting company's server. Using your browser, you can look at the source code of this page, and you will see how it is not that difficult and not nearly as complex as 'programming'. You can use the 'templatecode.htm' file available as a template. Just right click HERE. and 'save link as' to your computer.
    And, it is easy to let people E-mail their comments which you can approve or disapprove as a moderater and put them on a comments section on your blog page (even though this is not automated, it is easy and does give you full control over the comments).
  • 4 - As an easier but less flexible alternative, Many on-line companies provide templates for a more sophisticated podcast or blog. Many allow visitors to leave comments. Some are free, some cost. Almost all have strict rules and some will not respect your privacy. Some are specialized interest sites. And, they can have a good or bad reputation. Be careful and research them before you get involved with one.
If you have questions or suggestions on this process contact me at
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